Thank God for Babies. (Jan. 25 2013)

Hello!  So this morning I had a flashback…

it was the year 2007 and I went to bed early.  Peter (my roommate) was out doing something with some people and I wanted to make sure I had a good nights sleep.  Then all the sudden, 5 A.M. had come much to early.  As i wake up annoyed with my alarm ringing repeatedly I reach to turn it off and for some reason the buttons don’t work!  I keep trying harder and harder to get the button to turn off the alarm.  At my most intense panic of not ever being able to get this alarm to turn off I start to hear people yelling.  Of course I think that they are yelling about my alarm and I desperately try to get it to turn off so that an angry mob doesn’t storm my dormroom!  What would they do to me?  What would Peter think? 

Then, in a swift movement light began pouring in from behind me as the silhouette of Peter looks in my direction confused and amused.  

“What are you doing!?” Peter asks

I responded with uncertainty “I’m…I…My Alarm….”

Peter begins to chuckle as he says

“The fire alarm is going off, I came to tell you that we have to go to the student union, some guys upstairs lit up a joint or something.”

Confused and tired I agree to leaving my room and walk down to the student union with a Zombie like essence.

As we face the single degree weather walking to the student union I started to realize what was going on…aside from dozens of guys in their underwear because they had been rudely awoken by the sound of a fire alarm pouring into their ears.  However, I couldn’t help but think that some of these guys had more clothes on to begin with and leaped at the chance to be in their underwear in the student union…because for some reason at Greenville, it was all the rage to be naked or in your underwear as much as possible, a philosophy that I did not partake in.

After about half an hour it was time to go back into the dorm hall.  Lots of half naked guys walked back into the dorm hall while catching the eye of every girl that happened to be walking at this time of night (which was actually quite a few of them).

As I get back into my dorm room I noticed that I had destroyed my desk while trying to turn off my alarm.  At that point I had thought that at any cost I would turn off my alarm.  Exhausted from this experience I laid back down in my bed as Peter reflected on how hilarious it was that I was trying to turn the fire alarm off with my own alarm clock.  We laughed and as peter talked, his baritone voice quickly put me to sleep (I’m sure he was surprised with how fast I fell asleep, I don’t think he ever realized his voice was as nice to listen to as Norah jones when falling asleep. Side Note: Don’t ever listen to Norah jones as an alarm in the morning, you will sleep through it and miss your morning classes and/or chapel).

My bus was leaving at 5:30 in the morning for Chicago for a class weekend field trip.  If you have been paying attention to this story, you will have realized by now that when I laid back down, I did not set my alarm.  In fact, I had completely screwed up my alarm and now it was a possibility that I would sleep through the morning.  As 5:20 approaches I’m woken up by a worried voice.

“Nathanael!  Do you know what time it is!?”

I look for my clock but it has been reset and is blinking 12:00 on it’s face.  I lay there for a second, confused and then I hear Peter’s voice in the dark again.

“Nathanael! It’s 5:20, Doesn’t your bus leave in 10 minutes?”

immediately I jump out of bed in a panic.  I had packed the previous night because I wanted to be ready in the morning however, I had left some little packing such as an ipod, snacks and car trinkets up to the morning packing session.  While tying to put my pants and shoes on simultaneously I continued to flail like a fish freshly caught and desperately trying to get back into the water.  Peter get’s up, hands me random things out of the fridge, puts them in a bag and realizes the dire situation.  If I miss this bus, not only will I have to take this class next term but Peter wouldn’t have the room to himself for the weekend.  As I successfully grab my things and open the door I look at my watch as the time laughs at my tardiness.  It was officially 5:32 and I knew I was not going to make this bus.

Dashing down the hallway with two bags and a plastic bag full of random snacks I look out the window.  The bus is there with it’s flashing lights on, I run faster down the stairs nearly falling and killing myself.  Out the door I go with desperation in my voice

“Wait!!!  I’m Here! Don’t Leave”

All the sudden I see the professor get off the bus.  

“That doesn’t make sense” I thought to myself.  The Professor looks at me and says

“You’re lucky, we were about to leave one minute ago but I got an emergency phone call.  My daughter is having her baby and I have to go, I can’t go on the trip.  Put your bags in the belly of the bus and get on, good luck finding a seat with someone you like.”

With relief I put my bags in the bus compartments and get on the bus.  When I got on the bus peers of mine started laughing and making fun of my tardiness, but I didn’t care because I had made it, and that’s all that mattered. 

So, I guess what this story shows is that I’m thankful for a great roommate, I hate alarms and…

Thank God for Babies.

A Year of Advancments (Nov. 21, 2012)

Oh my goodness a lot has happened.  One day, I will tell you of these things but for now I think I’ll just say this.

Sometimes I remind myself of Ted Mosbey from “How I Met Your Mother”.  I get caught up in this idealistic view of where my life should be.  I should have a job that’s headed towards a career (desk job) or I should be married and going to boring couples groups at a church that’s mediocre.  I should be talking about stupid things like how in debt I am or how I can’t wait for the next twilight movie to come out on bluray.  The truth is…I’m not worried about it.  I waved goodbye to the “Normal” life a long time ago.

So, this day before thanksgiving let me say this.

I’m thankful for what life has given me.

I’m thankful for what I have to look forward to.

I’m thankful for not acting to old.

I’m thankful for the girl in my life.

I’m thankful that You are reading this…maybe.

              Side note: Nobody reads this so I don’t really have to worry about what I say and how stupid it sounds.

I’m thankful for my family.

I love this time of year and I wanted to let you know…I’m thankful for you.


      Nathanael Sams

Letters. (June 2nd, 2011)

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

Sorry that I’ve been away for so long.  There has been so much going on and I am excited to share it with you.  Maybe not in this blog but one that’s going to be written soon.

What I actually want to talk about today is letters.  Not the alphabet type of speech but a written hand letter, and not just one…dozens.  I recently lead two tours that had significance.  1. full of special education students and 2.  40 fourth graders.  Let me tell you, these were perhaps the best tours I have ever led.  The first group, at the end of their tour as I said goodbye, I was applauded.  That was a very strange and new experience for me.  Then a couple weeks late, I led the fourth graders around campus.  I’m assuming the school system couldn’t afford O.M.S.I. so why not go to the second best choice…Mt. Hood Community College.

About a week after eac hof these tours I walk into my office cubical and notice some pieces of paper.  If you are trying to predict what happened next, you are probably predicting that there were letters waiting for me…Guess what, your right.  I pick up the pieces of paper and start to read.  These were the most beautiful letters I have ever read. 

There were so many different types of people that were influenced by this tour.  I did not intentially expect to create a fire of passion for these students but I did, and once this fire is lit, there is no going back.  I had so many different things said to me such as, “I can’t wait to go to college and I’m sad you wont be there”, “I’m so happy to get an education because of how cool the college was.” and my personal favorite “Sorry that the dog dies.” (in reference to the dog in which we named our mascot after who died several, several years ago).

The cool thing with all these letters is that even though I thought I was just leading a tour and I thought that I was just doing my job something happened.  I was given a beautiful opportunity to show the importance of education, to show the bennifits of education and something settled within each one of those students. 

Even though I will probably never see any of those students again, one thing is for sure.  I will never forget them and they will never forget me.

Letters are a powerful thing and it makes them even more special when they are written by hand and not typed.  Thanks very much for the reward that I have recieved by your letters. 

-Nathanael Sams

Easter Eggs & Jesus

Isn’t it funny how Easter has become a holiday associated with eggs and chickens?  In case you have been completely overtaken by these fluffy yellow animals let me remind you what Easter actually means.  Easter is a celebration of Jesus.  Jesus died on Friday and rose on Sunday.  The reason for this was that we as humans would have the opportunity to fall in love with Jesus and learn from him and worship him as our savior.  In case you don’t know, I love Jesus.  I love everything about him and if I were to loose everything that I held close to (I’m being tested now due to the lack of my iPhone and computer) I would still love him.  There have been many people in my life that I have found out that I have influence through my faith of loving God and that makes me excited for what’s to come in the future.

So there you have it, Easter is about Jesus. 

There is however one more thing I would like to mention.

I grew up in a church, I loved the people, the message and the heart of what was going on.  Even though I loved all those things there were still times where I didn’t want to go to church or even be a part of a youth group or a service.  Honestly, sometimes I got really bored because sometimes it seems like the same thing.  The routine was typically going to church every Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night.  On top of that there were several volunteer events that you could participate in and then there was always the option of being on the worship team or the prayer team or whatever team you wanted to be on.   Doesn’t that structure seem odd?  Was it an obligation that I made for myself?  Does God really judge our relationship with him based on a building and whether or not we go to it weekly?  Can our passion for God be determined by this building?  If so, that’s a pretty big statement.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy going to church but it seems that there is this formula that I need to break free from.  I don’t want the opening songs to be exactly 25 minutes and the message to be exactly 39 minutes (long enough to set your “guilt” aside for not going for so long and short enough to see the kick off) because God is more than that.  God is full of this crazy love for us and we just put God in this box that we can control. 

It’s always funny to me how people who don’t go to church at all, typically go to church on Christmas and Today (Easter).  Today, I will be joining the the Easter crowd and I expect that no matter which church or how long the message is or the music, God will find me there if I am willing to meet him.  But you know what’s cool about that statement I just made…That doesn’t happen just in a building.  Did you read that?  It doesn’t just happen in a building, God wants us to come to him in any situation.  He is there for us in all sorts of different enviornments, lifestyles and yes, even other religions besides Christianity.  God is not limited to anything and yet we all limit God is some way.

If there is one thing that you take away from this blog, it is this.

Easter is about Jesus.

-Nathanael Sams

I’m kind of a big deal. (Apr. 8, 2011)

I always thought about how cool it would be to be a professional basketball player.  With that thought in mind, I regret to tell you that I spent 8 years in YMCA basketball…I finally gave up my freshman year…I think that was one year too late because, well, I was terrible.  I spent many hours in my driveway practicing my dribbling and shooting.  There was one issue with this…my driveway was slanted, so as you can imagine my shoot drifted slightly to the left…all the time.  Even now, when I’m playing horse with friends I have to adjust to this terrible habit. 

So, instead of going to the NBA physically, through an amazing feat in the world of technology, I am able to become any player in the NBA that I want to be.  I can shoot beautiful three point shots with Brandon Roy or Ray Allen.  I can even play as the legend Michael Jordan and out score every player in the current NBA.  This is an amazing thing…mainly because I now play in the NBA and I love it.  I don’t make money though even though I should probably be making at least 5 million…if not more.

Well, before I go to work with some NBA 2k11 I think I’ll watch “Arrested Development”…what? you don’t know what that is!?!?!?!  Well, check out the video I posted above this one and see what the best show on television was in 2005.  Enjoy.

Thanks for reading,


I might have accidently on purpose posted all these at the same time. (Apr. 7, 2011))

Below this page are a lot of other blogs I’ve written in the past few months.  Most of them I wrote in the comfort of my own chair, bed, hammock and office.  I finally put all these blogs where they belong…on my site.  I didn’t have any of these up here until today which is why you see the date next to every title. 

I hope you enjoy the several blogs that I’ve written.  I would probably say that my favorite is the one called “I always wish I could run in slow motion.”  Go check that one out, I think you will like it. 



Somethin’ Clever. (Apr. 7, 2011)

Now that I have your attention with my crafty headline, I regret to tell you that I don’t actually have something clever to say…unless you think this is clever “”  Which honestly, it’s not that clever. 

On another note, Life has been pretty awesome lately.  I remain optimistic towards the world even though there is overwhelming evidence that I shouldn’t be.  I still have hope for humanity and hope that there are people in the world doing some good and hopefully claiming truthfully that I am one of those people. 

Here in Oregon there are some certaintys that each of us must live with.   The one I would like to reflect on is that of RAIN.  We must all embrace the rain at least 7 months a year if not more!  Tha’s a lot of rain and quite honestly, you get kinda tired of it.  Here I am sitting in my cubical, wearing two jacks and I’m still cold.  I’m ready for the sun to arrive and shine upon my face as if I was an egg in a frying pan…well, I tried to put something clever but it just didn’t work out. 

People always ask me, what did you want to be when you grow up?  I can’t but tell them the truth which is a hilarious truth.  I wanted to work at a movie theater so I could watch all the movies I wanted to.  Here is the crazy thing about that…I ended up working at a movie theater!  I worked there for two years and it was amazing.  I had so much free popcorn that I didn’t know what to do with myself, I watched nearly every movie that came into the theater and I set a theater record for seeing the most movies in one month.  I saw 25 movies in one month, mind you, that includes free popcorn and drink.  It was amazing.  So, all this to arrive to my conclusion.  I am very luck to have already achieved my childhood dream.

Well, I shall leave you wanting more by stopping my writing now, however, above this post you should see a video…if you don’t then I made a mistake and you could just go visit  and that will get you to the right place.  Thanks for dropping in and taking some time to read what I wrote for YOU!


        Nathanael Sams

I always wanted to run in slow motion. (Mar. 18, 2011))

Dear Reader,

Remember the movie “The Rookie” about the kid who becomes the pitcher for the chicago cubs…I always wanted to be that kid.  I always wanted to shine on the mound like him.  There was just one problem, I wasn’t able to run dramatically in slow motion like him, I had never played baseball, I didn’t know anything about baseball and again….I couldn’t run in slow motion.  It’s funny, when I was a kid, I remember thinking that slow motion was something that was doable in the real world.  Now looking back as an adult and a recent recipient of a AAS degree in Video Production, I believe that this reality exists but in a different view.  I could go film myself and be in slow motion, or I could tribute “Scrubs” and run in slow motion in the real world.  Regardless of ways that I could run in slow motion, I think that it’s better that we don’t and here is why.

I’d like to point out that sometimes things aren’t as great as they seem.  Why do I know this?  It all comes down to my experience as a child and watching “The Magic School Bus”.  One episode in particular, The one where the class is in a book and there is no friction.  In theory, having no friction would be awesome, however when it is played out, Having no friction leads to disaster!  So, if I were to be involved in a world that could only run in slow motion, I think that I would 1. Be annoyed, 2. Be slow and 3. have more time to get my homework in however I would be lacking the speed to do my homework at the last minute. 

So I guess in the end, What I’m expecting you to gain from this is, I always wished I could run in slow motion, but with the help of Mrs. Frizzle and the class of wacky students, I’m glad I can’t.


Nathanael Sams