Field Work Study – Ireland – Phase 2

The Details of the trip.

For this adventure, I will need a crew of 6 people.

1. Director/Producer

2. Sound Operator

3. DP/Camera Operator

4. Production Designer

5. Production Assistant

6. Media Manager (In charge of Dailies, Footage Management, Hard Drives ect.)

Since this is a documentary, I need high quality equipment, this includes camera gear and audio gear.  I’ve selected very portable items for the crew to carry around when in the country.


Canon EOS 5D Mark III DSLR – $ 3,300

Lenses (Rent)

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera – $1,000

Audio Gear:

Fostex FM-4 4-In/2-Out Portable Field Mixer – $2,800

Lots of flexibility

Rode NT4 – $650

Stereo Microphone

Music Recordings

Rode NTG-3 – $699

Adverse Weather Conditions

Talking Heads

Bose QC15 – 2 Pair – $600

Great headphones to isolate incoming audio (1 Sound Operator/1 Director)

Pelican Cases for gear – around $1,000

Protection for all of our gear.

Flight Estimate.

Our first stop will be Dublin, Ireland to visit the pub known as “The Stags Tail”. We will depart from Seattle in May and be in Ireland for several weeks traveling around the country to different pubs and gathering footage. Below is a photo of the estimated cost for 6 adults.

SEA to Dublin Flights 6 Adults

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