Thank God for Babies. (Jan. 25 2013)

Hello!  So this morning I had a flashback…

it was the year 2007 and I went to bed early.  Peter (my roommate) was out doing something with some people and I wanted to make sure I had a good nights sleep.  Then all the sudden, 5 A.M. had come much to early.  As i wake up annoyed with my alarm ringing repeatedly I reach to turn it off and for some reason the buttons don’t work!  I keep trying harder and harder to get the button to turn off the alarm.  At my most intense panic of not ever being able to get this alarm to turn off I start to hear people yelling.  Of course I think that they are yelling about my alarm and I desperately try to get it to turn off so that an angry mob doesn’t storm my dormroom!  What would they do to me?  What would Peter think? 

Then, in a swift movement light began pouring in from behind me as the silhouette of Peter looks in my direction confused and amused.  

“What are you doing!?” Peter asks

I responded with uncertainty “I’m…I…My Alarm….”

Peter begins to chuckle as he says

“The fire alarm is going off, I came to tell you that we have to go to the student union, some guys upstairs lit up a joint or something.”

Confused and tired I agree to leaving my room and walk down to the student union with a Zombie like essence.

As we face the single degree weather walking to the student union I started to realize what was going on…aside from dozens of guys in their underwear because they had been rudely awoken by the sound of a fire alarm pouring into their ears.  However, I couldn’t help but think that some of these guys had more clothes on to begin with and leaped at the chance to be in their underwear in the student union…because for some reason at Greenville, it was all the rage to be naked or in your underwear as much as possible, a philosophy that I did not partake in.

After about half an hour it was time to go back into the dorm hall.  Lots of half naked guys walked back into the dorm hall while catching the eye of every girl that happened to be walking at this time of night (which was actually quite a few of them).

As I get back into my dorm room I noticed that I had destroyed my desk while trying to turn off my alarm.  At that point I had thought that at any cost I would turn off my alarm.  Exhausted from this experience I laid back down in my bed as Peter reflected on how hilarious it was that I was trying to turn the fire alarm off with my own alarm clock.  We laughed and as peter talked, his baritone voice quickly put me to sleep (I’m sure he was surprised with how fast I fell asleep, I don’t think he ever realized his voice was as nice to listen to as Norah jones when falling asleep. Side Note: Don’t ever listen to Norah jones as an alarm in the morning, you will sleep through it and miss your morning classes and/or chapel).

My bus was leaving at 5:30 in the morning for Chicago for a class weekend field trip.  If you have been paying attention to this story, you will have realized by now that when I laid back down, I did not set my alarm.  In fact, I had completely screwed up my alarm and now it was a possibility that I would sleep through the morning.  As 5:20 approaches I’m woken up by a worried voice.

“Nathanael!  Do you know what time it is!?”

I look for my clock but it has been reset and is blinking 12:00 on it’s face.  I lay there for a second, confused and then I hear Peter’s voice in the dark again.

“Nathanael! It’s 5:20, Doesn’t your bus leave in 10 minutes?”

immediately I jump out of bed in a panic.  I had packed the previous night because I wanted to be ready in the morning however, I had left some little packing such as an ipod, snacks and car trinkets up to the morning packing session.  While tying to put my pants and shoes on simultaneously I continued to flail like a fish freshly caught and desperately trying to get back into the water.  Peter get’s up, hands me random things out of the fridge, puts them in a bag and realizes the dire situation.  If I miss this bus, not only will I have to take this class next term but Peter wouldn’t have the room to himself for the weekend.  As I successfully grab my things and open the door I look at my watch as the time laughs at my tardiness.  It was officially 5:32 and I knew I was not going to make this bus.

Dashing down the hallway with two bags and a plastic bag full of random snacks I look out the window.  The bus is there with it’s flashing lights on, I run faster down the stairs nearly falling and killing myself.  Out the door I go with desperation in my voice

“Wait!!!  I’m Here! Don’t Leave”

All the sudden I see the professor get off the bus.  

“That doesn’t make sense” I thought to myself.  The Professor looks at me and says

“You’re lucky, we were about to leave one minute ago but I got an emergency phone call.  My daughter is having her baby and I have to go, I can’t go on the trip.  Put your bags in the belly of the bus and get on, good luck finding a seat with someone you like.”

With relief I put my bags in the bus compartments and get on the bus.  When I got on the bus peers of mine started laughing and making fun of my tardiness, but I didn’t care because I had made it, and that’s all that mattered. 

So, I guess what this story shows is that I’m thankful for a great roommate, I hate alarms and…

Thank God for Babies.