Sometimes what you need…is someone. (Oct. 19, 2010)

well, If you look at the post below this one, it’s not strictly speaking…accurate.  A lot of that has change.  I did write a very…unhealthy response to it on our other blog but we don’t use that one anymore so that’s why I’m restarting on this one.  

So, this week my company is helping shoot a music video for a band calledSONSOFDAY, they are amazing so check them out.

L ots has happened in a few weeks.  Between my production company (Go ahead and click on this link to see what we do) and work at BORDERS and the S.O.A.R. Team, life can get pretty busy.  Oh and yes, I’m also in school, however I’m only take a couple credits so it’s not bad at all.  

We just bought a new camera and it’s amazingly beautiful.

I am currently in love with a song by train called “If It’s Love” and a song by Neon Trees called “Animal”

Well, I have made this blog very interactive so, enjoy all the link.

-Nathanael Sams

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