Not sure what to call this post so I guess I’ll call it “Postal”. (Jan. 12, 2011)

So, it is officially the Second Week Of School.  I didn’t want to post anything on the first week because that is SO LAME!  I wanted to make sure that I posted something everyone would want to read…or enjoy telling everybody else that they read it.  I’m not going to be sad if you just click onto the next page right now because I’m boring.  I’m going to try my best to keep your interest.  Actually, I bet if this was a video blog it would keep your interest way more.  Speaking of which, I haven’t done one of those in a really long time, maybe it’s time I show off some new audio gear to this audience.


So you know that classes that just really…make you feel…well, a class that seems like it’s a possible waste of time.  I’m in one of those.  I’m taking personal finance and it’s kinda boring, however it will give me some good skills to build good habits and to understand all the basics of Personal Finance.  The issue with the class isn’t the subject matter, rather, that I have to be in there for two days a week.  Actually, that’s not a big deal however in comparison with my other class I’m taking (Electronic Music Production) it’s way more classes in a week.  My EMP class is only thursdays from 6 – 9 and it’s pretty much a free work period on projects.  I am so excited for that class.


I enjoy making music, pretty much anyone who is my friend can tell you that, but you know what I love just as much?   Helping other people find the music inside themselves.  It’s amazing to watch  someone discover, to watch someone dream of impossibilities and to actually have a way to accomplish them.


Side Note:  Hans Zimmer might be the best music composer ever born.


Golden Globes are coming up. I sure hope that the Golden Globe committee pick some amazing films and I am so excited for Ricky Gervais haha, he will be Hysterical.  


As far as SOAR Goes, I have only been able to do the little stuff like go on lunch visits and lead a couple tours around campus.  I love doing both those things by the way, and if you ever want a tour, just request Nathanael Sams.  I promise you, you will not be sorry.  


Well, that’s the end of this blog, I realized why I did video blogs…cuz they are easier to write.  Thanks for dropping by and listening to me talk.  Until next time, see you later.



Nathanael Sams


P.S.  Watch out for my Video blog airing on Friday.

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