I always wanted to run in slow motion. (Mar. 18, 2011))

Dear Reader,

Remember the movie “The Rookie” about the kid who becomes the pitcher for the chicago cubs…I always wanted to be that kid.  I always wanted to shine on the mound like him.  There was just one problem, I wasn’t able to run dramatically in slow motion like him, I had never played baseball, I didn’t know anything about baseball and again….I couldn’t run in slow motion.  It’s funny, when I was a kid, I remember thinking that slow motion was something that was doable in the real world.  Now looking back as an adult and a recent recipient of a AAS degree in Video Production, I believe that this reality exists but in a different view.  I could go film myself and be in slow motion, or I could tribute “Scrubs” and run in slow motion in the real world.  Regardless of ways that I could run in slow motion, I think that it’s better that we don’t and here is why.

I’d like to point out that sometimes things aren’t as great as they seem.  Why do I know this?  It all comes down to my experience as a child and watching “The Magic School Bus”.  One episode in particular, The one where the class is in a book and there is no friction.  In theory, having no friction would be awesome, however when it is played out, Having no friction leads to disaster!  So, if I were to be involved in a world that could only run in slow motion, I think that I would 1. Be annoyed, 2. Be slow and 3. have more time to get my homework in however I would be lacking the speed to do my homework at the last minute. 

So I guess in the end, What I’m expecting you to gain from this is, I always wished I could run in slow motion, but with the help of Mrs. Frizzle and the class of wacky students, I’m glad I can’t.


Nathanael Sams

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